Pay for
the results


Traffic quality control
We take care about the quality of the traffic, eliminating the risk associated with affiliate channel.

Experienced managers
We work with the best on the market space, economize your budget and time.

Targeted users
You pay only for a relevant traffic, that meets your KPI’s.

Own traffic sources
The best quality traffic for your СPA, CPI, CPL applications.

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API integration
Start earn money in few clicks.

On-time payments
Net30 day payments.

High paying campaigns
The hardest-working partners receive higher rates from advertisers.

Friendly support
Our dedicated support team is ready to take your questions and suggestions. Individual working conditions for the proved publishers.

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We are

Laddez Group - global partner network that helps both publishers and advertisers to establish mutually beneficial cooperation and focuses all its efforts on the success of our clients. We started our journey since 2015 and have been helping companies create world-class environment. We strongly believe that the future of performance marketing lies in a meaningful combination of data and technology.

We know how to earn tomorrow - let's do it together!

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